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The Veilside Crusade

The Veilside Crusade!


Lo Commanders! The Mantle of the Emperor calls! An ancient relic worn by the emperor himself has been traced to the Heraphon sector.  The Warlord of the Heraphon Sector brace from the largest scale sector invasion in the Vieled Regions history. Tens of thousands of capital warships of the Imperium prepare to travel into the warp to unleash dozens of Space Marine Chapters, thousands  of Imperial Guard Battalions and all agents of the imperium in the Region.

But news of the relic has also reached the ears of chaos and their allies of destruction. The followers of chaos have descended upon the Heraphon sector as well with desires to claim the mantle for themselves. To sow even more destruction, hive beacons have been activated on the moons and planets of the sector calling Hivefleets in search of bio mass to devour.


The race for the celestial mantel is on! This year’s Gamermancy campaign will focus on the search and capture of the Mantle on one of the Heraphons 12 battlefields. Commander will not only vie for dominance of the system, each victory brings their faction closer to discovering the location of the Celesital Mantel, and bring victory in the 2018 Vieldside Crusade campaign!


Searching for the Mantle

The Mantle is secured on one of the 12 battlefields of Heraphon. Each time a commander is victorious in  a campaign game, there is a chance they will uncover a datafex with information leading to the Celestial Mantel. Members of the faction can share these clues with their faction in order to recover the mantle for themselves. The faction that recovers the Mantle and holds it at the end of the campaign will gain a great advantage in winning the over all campaign!

Finding Datafexes

Each time a commander wins a battle in the campaign, she may roll a D6 on the following chart, witnessed by their opponent:


1-4: no Datafex found.

5-6: Datafex found!

The following conditions apply:

A commander may only find 1 datafex from the same opponent each campaign turn.

The commander who one the game, reports to Gamermancy that in addition to winning a battle, they have recovered a datafex.


Uncovering Datafex.

After the commander has reported the they have discovered a datafex, Gamermancy will contact that commander via email with the clue in the datafex! Whether the commander shares the clue with his faction is up to him! Faction Warlord will organize way to share clue with each other. Beware traitors and false information!


Searching for the Mantle

At the end of each campaign turn, after conferring with his faction….or not, the Faction Warlord will declare a Battlefield and Sub-region his faction will search for the mantle. Factions that have effectively shared their datafax information will have a greater chance of narrowing down the location of the Mantel!

Finding the Mantle

The faction that is first to locate the mantle will immediately received a Campaign and Narrative points towards winning the campaign. Furthermore, the power of the mantle will be theirs to command, and the boasting rights shall be glorious indeed. After the mantle is found, the Warmaster will immediately have the option of moving the Mantle to a new battlefield and sub region.  This region will be a secret, but it must be a battlefield they control.

Stealing the Mantle!

Commanders will continue to battle and receive clues as to the new location of the Mantle. At the end of the campaign turn, warmaster may attempt to make an invasion on the new location of mantle. If they are correct, they have stolen the Mantle! Whichever faction has possession of the mantle may again move the Mantle to start a new turn.

FACTION: Overlords


Gorginius Khan and the Great Ork Expansion

Gorguinis the first Great Khan of an Ork Empire, which has become the largest contiguous Ork empire in the history of the Veiled Region. Gorguinis came to power by uniting the Ork clans of the southern sector to his war banner. After founding the Empire and being proclaimed " Gorguinis Khan", he launched the Ork invasions that conquered most of the Heraphon Sector. The campaign saw hundreds of Xenos species join what became known in Imperial records as The Rogues and Corsairs Insurgence fighting under the Khan’s green banner to conquer the worlds of Hereaphon during the confusion of the Inquisition War. The Khan’s conquest was accompanied by large-scale massacres of the civilian populations – especially on Prandium Majoris and Western Heraphon II. One hundred years after the Inquisition Wars, the Khan’s Empire now occupies the whole of Prandium Majoris, The Khan’s self- proclaimed homeworld of Korba, the badlands of Kor-Vash,  and Heraphon II.


Cadre Bakur and the 4th Sphere of Expansion in the Heraphon Sector

The Fourth Sphere of Expansion was launched shortly after the formation of the Great Rift. A young Tau Sha’So named Bastion answered the call of the Voidshard pact to keep an ancient source of power out of the hands of man for the greater good. Following their victory over man in the sector, the Tau began an aggressive colonization of the sector. Claiming Kor’Vash as their homeworld and the Ice moon Sycorax as a defensive fortress world housing their planetary Ion Cannons.  The TAU continued the terra-foaming process of the planetoid Kor-Vash that man has started. There advanced technological has made over half the world bloom in a lush paradise of green. But not without a price. The toxins emitted from the terraforming process have left the other half- of Kor-Vash a death world disaster. Outside the secure walls, lawlessness reign as tribes of the deathworld still war over scare resources.

Pay ‘tribute’ to Gorgiuiss seemed a wise compromise to engaging in war with the orcs. But the Tau are a young race, and could not foresee how quickly they would multiply over the sector in a mere hundred years.



The Eldar races have an ancient presence in the Heraphon Sector.  Returning to fulfill their ancient vow with the Necron to assure the Voidshard would not fall into the hands of man. Once honored, and the Voidshard was again put to rest, the Eldar of craft world Rath-Nal turned to the renewed purpose of reclaiming their ancient home Kadassian, also known as Salem Sigma, and cleansing her of the Necron tombworld presence. To this end, the Eldar have taken to the exotic jungle moon of Blon. Attracted to its lush paradise of infinite colors and bioluminescent qualities during the night. The lure of the forest has been too great for many of the Eldar, deciding to set down their shiekien weaponry and becoming one with the jungle. For those Eldar, the Farsers of the are concnered about this strange lure that captivates their kin and sways them from purpose, could in be Slaanesh?

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