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So What is Gamermancy?

-mancy (Ancient Greek - μαντεία)

1. A combining form meaning “divination,” of the kind specified by the initial element:  

Gamermancy: -noun, The art of the playing of games, especially those developed to engage the imagination or; a competitive activity involving skill and or chance on part of two or more persons.


Alright fine, it’s a made-up word. 


But the term covers the broad amalgam of themes for this hobby we call gaming, a hobby which I have richly enjoyed for the better part of 30 years. Whether you find your fun in role-playing games, tabletop wargames, board games, video games or even comics, we all belong to this family known as gaming.


We envision this site to become a place where gamers of all varieties have a little space on the web to call home.  A website where gamers can freely network with other gamers, share the latest news and happenings, or just talk about cool gaming experiences.  We also wanted to facilitate the sharing of great local places to game, and provide a forum for people to meet new gamers in their area. Thus, whether you are a RPGer, Table Top Warrior, Trading Card Commando, Video Game Enthusiasts or anything in between, this is YOUR social network.


Gaming is an amorphous concept, a fusion of chess and theater. To some, gaming is the thrill of number crunching, pouring over rulebooks and advice blogs seeking the perfect army list or ideal mix of character traits to maximize their chances of mopping the floor with whatever the GM brings their way.  Some prefer the joy of immersing themselves in the background of a gaming setting, or flipping through fantasy art, filling their minds with vivid mental images of adventures and battles to come.  We think most enjoy a balanced approach, taking pleasure in sampling the many facets gaming has to offer.


And just as the reasons gamers enjoy about our hobby vary from player to player, so too do the reasons vary for why they entered the hobby.  Each of us has a unique story on how they joined the ranks of gamers. We really enjoy learning about those stories, as it reveals what a gamer looks for in their fun.  This blog is dedicated to those stories, yours and ours, on how we discovered the art of Gamermancy.


- Dave and Dodger

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