Battle Report Submission Form

Victory Points Earned by Winning Player:
(A defeated player is awarded 1 VP for participation)
Narrative Objectives Achieved
(Each goal can be achieved once per Turn)

Planetary Commander

(Play at least one battle using Planetary Terrain Rules this Turn)


Forge the Narrative

(Play at least one of the special  Narrative Missions this Turn)

After Action Report

(Post a narrative recount of a battle this Turn on the forums)

Battle Focused

(Play at least one scenario using this Turn's Battle Focus theme)

Train as you Fight

(Play a Training Exercise against another player within your Alliance this Turn)

Type of Battle Played
Conquest Objectives Achieved
(Each goal can be achieved once per Turn)

Finish Him!

(Slay an opponent's Warlord at least once this Turn)


(Complete TWO secondary objectives in same battle: Line Breaker, First Blood, Last Laugh)


The Emperor Protects

(Your Saga Hero survives at least  one battle this Turn)

Support the War Effort

(Win at least one Skirmish, Standard Game or Grand Engagement this Turn)

Fight the Shadow War

(Play in a SpecOps battle this Turn)

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